Tech Art

A bunch of various personal projects, tech, and tech art things I've done in my free time!

Simple sparks, sparks hit, and AoE vfx done in Unity.

In UE4 for a personal project I created a pixel renderer that can render out meshes at a low resolution. I tried a few different ways to do this but i ended up going with render textures and camera magic. Models and animations are not mine.

What I did: Created a character controller and simple enemy AI with health and death with unity in C#.

What I Didn't: None of the art (Except the low poly sword, I made that) or animations are mine. Animations Courtesy of Mixamo.

I created NPC AI with variable wait time and looping option using behavior tree in UE4. If looping is on the npc will patrol in a circle. If looping is off the npc will go back and forth on their patrol path.